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Our Group

Picture of Prof. Dr. B. A. Wolf

Prof. Dr. B. A. Wolf

Curriculum vitae:

1955-65   Student of Chemistry at University of Vienna, Austria
1965   Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry, Prof. Dr. J. W. Breitenbach)
1969   Scholarship by Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung: Prof. Dr. G. V. Schulz, University of Mainz
1972   promoted to professor (Physical Chemistry)
1973   Professor at University of Mainz

Picture of our group

left to right: Prof. Dr. B. A. Wolf, Prof. Yurij Antonov, Dr. Andreas Eich, Dr. Matthias Schnell, Dr. Verena Ziegler, Dr. Tanja Haase, Petra Wetzel, Dr. John Eckelt, Dr. Maria Bercea, Dr. Simona Morariu, Rei Sugaya



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