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Applied research

Our applied work in this area centers around the fractionation of polymers on an industrial scale and deals with the physico-chemical background of the formation of membranes for separation purposes.
The necessity of larger amounts of well defined polymers for basic research or for special applications lead to the development of CPF (Continuous Polymer Fractionation)and CSF (Continuous Spin Fractionation) , two methods that allow the production of many kilograms of material with sufficient molecular and/or chemical uniformity per hour in a comparatively easy manner. The CPF works on the basis of a continuous counter-current extraction and has so far been applied to approximately 40 different types of (soluble) polymers. The recently developed CSF uses spinning nozzles to overcome drawbacks of the CPF that occur under certain conditions. More details on the methods can be obtained from the sections Fractionation of Polymers.
In the field of polymer membranes we are presently investigating the options to prepare cellulose membranes directly, i.e. to avoid detours via substitution and regeneration of cellulose. Fractionation of cellulosic materials

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