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Interfacial tension

The investigations described in the last section are closely related to the studies of interfacial tensions s between two liquid, polymer containing phases discussed here Interfacial Tension. In particular we examine for binary systems as well as for ternary ones how s varies with the distance from the critical point of the mixtures and how it can be correlated with the thermodynamic interaction parameters (scaling laws). For the latter question the concept of the "hump energy" (measuring the work required to transfer molecules over the phase boundary from one phase into the other) has proven very helpful. Another aspect, which is of high industrial relevance, concerns the reduction of s by means of certain additives. Experiments have demonstrated that the efficiency of such compatibilizers depends strongly on the phase to which this compound is added. This observation is rationalized by the consideration that time independent s values only signify stationary states and must not be interpreted as equilibrium values.

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