R. Horst
"Calculation of phase diagrams not requiring the derivatives of the Gibbs energy for multinary mixtures"
Macromolecular Theory and Simulations 1996, 5, 789-800.
Abstract: A method for the calculation of phase diagrams (tie lines and binodal, spinodal, critical points and their stability) based exclusively on the Gibbs energy of mixing with no need of its derivatives with respect to the composition variables is extended to multinary mixtures for any number of components. The mathematical description of the (K-1)-dimensional phase diagram of a K-component mixture is presented. The method is demonstrated for a quinternary blend of five polymers exhibiting a closed miscibility gap; all binary, ternary and quaternary subsystems are completely miscible. The phase separation in the quinternary system is caused by very favorable interactions in the ternary subsystem 1/2/3 and the binary subsystem 4/5.

preprint number: 168b