R. Horst and B. A. Wolf
"Phase diagrams calculated for flowing polymer solutions: spinodal and three phase conditions"
Polymer Bulletin (Berlin) 1998, 40, 353-360.
Abstract: Spinodal lines and critical points (CPs) are calculated for flowing solutions of polystyrene in trans-decalin. Three types of CPs can be distinguished: The first consists of stable CPs (ordinary critical line) and originates from the CP of the quiescent system. The other two CPs are bound to shear. Additional stable CPs (extraordinary critical line) result for higher polymer concentrations and unstable CPs for intermediate concentrations. Ordinary and unstable critical line merge in a heterogeneous double CP. The coexistence of three phases in the flowing system (eulytic points) comes to an end as two of them merge upon an increase in shear rate at a critical end point.

preprint number: 189