Welge, I. and Wolf, B. A.

"Reduction of interfacial tension between "immiscible" polymers: To which phase one should add a compatibilizer"

Polymer 2001, 42, 3465-3471.

Abstract: The reduction of interfacial tension s between polyethylene oxide (PEO) and polypropylene oxide (PPO) by either a triblock copolymer EO-PO-EO or a diblock copolymer styrene-EO was studied by means of the pendent drop method from 70 to 120 °C. Time independent data correspond to stationary states and do not represent equilibrium information. The addition of the compatibilizer to the PPO phase is approximately twice as efficient as the addition to the PEO phase for both block copolymers. Knowing the concentration dependence of s for one of the coexisting phases it is possible to forecast the effects resulting from the addition of the other phase by means of model considerations based on the partition coefficient of the addi-tive and the ratio of the viscosities of the coexisting phases.

preprint number: 216