Hagenaars,Arno C., Pesce, J.-J., Bailly, Ch. and Wolf, B. A.

"Characterization of melt polymerized polycarbonate: Preparative fractionation, branching distribution and simulation"

Polymer 2001, 42, 17653-7661.

Abstract: Melt-polymerized Bisphenol-A polycarbonate materials characterized by a low degree of branching were fractionated according to molecular weight by the Continuous Polymer Fractionation (CPF) method. The distribution of two types of end-groups and in-chain salicylate moieties arising from thermal rearrangement reactions were assessed across the molecular weight distribution by analysis of the fractions. Experimentally determined branching densities of the fractions agreed well with a molecular simulation based on a random sampling polycondensation model. Both simulation and experiments showed that the branching density increases with molecular weight in the experimentally accessible range.

preprint number: 217