Kuleznew, V., Wolf, B. A., Pozharnowa, N. A.

"On intermolecular interactions in solutions of polymer blends "

Polymer Science, Ser. B 2002, 3-4, 44, 67-70.

Abstract: Phase diagrams for solutions of blends of a series of homopolymers and random polymers were obtained and compared with the dependences of the second virial coefficient A 2 and intensity of excess light scattering R 90 on the ratio of the polymer concentrations in solution. The mutual solubility of polymers corre-lates with the values of R 90 and A 2 : the larger the deviations of these parameters from the corresponding addi-tive values, the lower the thermodynamic compatibility of the polymers. Introduction of a third polymer into a binary blend enhanced the interaction between unlike molecules, as manifested in a decrease in the deviation of A 2 and R 90 from their values predicted with the additivity rule, thus indicating an increased mutual solubility of polymers in the ternary system.

preprint number: 235