Jiang, S., An, L., Jiang, B., Wolf, B. A.

"Liquid-Liquid Phase Behavior of Toluene/Polyethylene oxide/Poly(ethylene oxide-b-dimethylsiloxane) "

Physical Chemistry; Chemical Physics 2003, 5,2066-2071.

Abstract: The experimental data of phase diagrams for both polyethylene oxide/poly (ethylene oxide-b-dimethylsiloxane) binary and toluene/polyethylene oxide/poly (ethylene oxide-b- dimethylsiloxane) ternary polymer-containing systems was obtained at atmosphere pressure by light scattering method. The critical points for some pre-selected compositions and the pressure effect on the phase transition behavior of ternary system were investigated by turbidity measurements. The chosen system is a mixture of ternary which is one of the very few abnormal polymer-containing systems exhibiting pressure-induced both miscibility and immiscibility. This unusual behavior is related to the toluene concentration in the mixtures. The effect of toluene on the phase transition behavior of the ternary polymer-containing mixture was traced. Such behavior can make it possible to process composite materials from incompatible polymers.

preprint number: 245