Eckelt, J., Haase, T., Loske, S., Wolf, B. A.

"Large Scale Sorting of Macromolecules "

Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 2004, 289, 393-399.

Abstract: Access to sufficiently large amounts of material with adequate molecular and chemical uniformity from polydisperse natural products or synthetic materials has been a long-standing challenge to polymer scientists. We have developed a broadly applicable preparative fractionation method consisting of a special kind of continuous extraction removing the easier soluble components from the initial product. It is rendered possible by the use of spinning nozzles through which a concentrated polymer solution is pressed into a liquid of tailored thermodynamic quality. The initially produced jets of the source phase disintegrate rapidly into minute droplets of typically 50 mum diameter. This efficient subdivision provides the large surfaces and short routs of transport required for successful fractionation. Thus the pronounced kinetic hindrances resulting from the high viscosities of reasonable concentrated polymer solutions can be overcome. We portray the principal features of continuous spin fractionation and present two examples of practical importance.

preprint number: 250