Stryuk, S., Eckelt, J., Wolf, B. A.

"Solutions of Cellulose in DMAc + LiCl: Migration of the Solute in an Electrical Field "

Cellulose 2005, 12, 145-149.

Abstract: For solutions of cellulose ( Solucell, M-w = 230 kg mol(-1)) in the mixed solvent DMAc ( N, N- dimethylacetamide) + LiCl, it is demonstrated by means of an electrolysis cell, subdivided into six compartments, that cellulose migrates to the anode. This observation is interpreted in terms of a field-induced opening of associations between the [ DMAc](x) Li+ complex and the [ cellulose] Cl- complex. This understanding is corroborated by the observed changes in the positions of the menisci in the electrode compartments of the electrolysis cell. Contrary to expectations, the rate of cellulose transport does not depend on its molar mass, at least under the present conditions.

preprint number: 251