Eckelt, J., Sugaya, R., Wolf, B. A.

"Large Scale Fractionation of Pullulan and Dextran"

Catbohydrat Polymer 2006, 63, 205-209.

Abstract: A recently developed large scale fractionation technique named continuous spin fractionation (CSF) was applied to fractionate pullulan and dextran. 450 g of pullulan with a broad molecular weight distribution were fractionated using water as solvent and acetone as precipitant. In this study, we have in five CSF runs prepared three fractions with apparent (M) over bar (double dagger)(W) values ranging from 17.6 to 413 kg mol(-1). Seventy grams of dextran were fractionated with a mixed solvent of water plus methanol. Five fractionation steps resulted in four samples with R, values between 4.36 and 18.2 kg mol(-1). (c) 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

preprint number: 265