Hagenaars, A., Wolf, B.A., Bailly, C.

"Advanced Solution Characterization of Polycarbonate Materials across the Molecular Weight Distribution"

Advances in Polycarbonates 2005, ACS Symposium Series 898, 180-199.

Abstract: The microstructure of polycarbonate homo- and copolymers is investigated across the molecular weight distribution with the help of narrowly dispersed fractions obtained by Continuous Polymer Fractionation (CPF). The experimental distribution of branching units in melt-polymerized polycarbonate is compared with predictions obtained from a simulation model. Experiments and simulations with mixed fractions are also used to study redistribution processes affecting meltpolymerized polycarbonate. The applicability limits of CPF for the fractionation of copolymers is evaluated for the first time by a study on PC-siloxane copolymers. Copolymers with statistically distributed segments can be fractionated without compositional bias only to the extent that all chains have the same average composition, which is not the case for chains carrying a small number of long comonomer segments.

preprint number: 269