Sugaya, R., Wolf, B.A., Kita, R.

"Thermal Diffusion of Dextran in Aqueous Solutions in the Absence and in the Presence of Urea"

Biomacromolecules 2006, 7, 435-440.

Abstract: The Ludwig-Soret effect was studied for aqueous solutions of dextran in the temperature range 15 < T < 55 degrees C taking into account the effect of the addition of urea. In the absence of urea, the Soret coefficient S-T changes sign; it is positive for T > 45.0 degrees C but negative for T < 45.0 degrees C. The positive sign of ST means that the dextran molecules migrate toward the cold side of the fluid; this behavior is typical for polymer solutions, whereas a negative sign indicates the macromolecules move toward the hot side. The addition of urea to the aqueous solution of dextran rises ST and reduces the inversion temperature. For 2 M urea the change in the sign of S-T is observed at T = 29.7 degrees C and beyond that value S-T is always positive in the studied temperature range. To rationalize these observations, it is assumed that the addition of urea leads to an opening of hydrogen bonds similar to that induced by an increase in temperature.

preprint number: 277