Calciu, D., Eckelt, J.,Haase, T., Wolf, B.A.

"Inverse Spin Fractionation: a tool to fractionate sodium hyaluronate"

Biomacromolecules 2007, 7, 3544-3547.

Abstract: A recently developed large scale fractionation technique (Continuous Spin Fractionation) can be applied to almost all soluble polymers to remove undesirable components of the starting material or to narrow the molecular weight distribution. The basis of this technique lies in the partitioning of the components among two liquid phases. In order to achieve short ways of transport, a homogeneous solution of the polymer is normally pressed through spinning nozzles into an adequate extracting agent. In some cases, like with the salts of hyaluronic acid, this technique induces polymer degradation due to the mechanical stress occurring in the spinning nozzle. For that reason we have reversed the process and press the extracting agent through the spinning nozzle into the polymer solutions. By means of this "inverse spin fractionation" it was possible to suppress degradation markedly and to reduce the polydispersity index of sodium hyaluronate in a single fractionation step from 3.58 to 2.37.

preprint number: 279