Ghimici, L., Nichifor, M., Wolf, B.A.

"Ionic Polymers Based on Dextran: Intrinsic Viscosities in Aqueous Solution and Solvent Mixtures"

J Physical Chemistry 2009, 113, 8020-8025.

Abstract: Hydrodynamic properties of a series of ionic polysaccharides with different charge density but the same molecular weight have been evaluated in salt-free aqueous solution and aqueous/organic solvent mixtures by means of capillary viscometry. The polyelectrolytes investigated contain quaternary ammonium salt groups, N-ethyl-N,N-dimethyl-2-hydroxypropylammonium chloride, attached to a dextran backbone. The experimental viscometric data have been plotted in terms of the Wolf method. The results show that the experimental data fit well with this model and allow the calculation of intrinsic viscosities and other hydrodynamic parameters, which provide new information about the dependence of the polyion conformation on its polyion charge density as well as on solvent composition.

preprint number: 295