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Publications 1990-1994

B. A. Wolf

"Thermodynamics and rheology of polymer solutions" In Chemistry and Physics of Macromolecules, Eds. E. W. Fischer, R. C. Schulz and H. Sillescu

VCH-Verlag, Weinheim, 1991, pp. 273-294.

preprint number: 111

M. Heinrich and B. A. Wolf

"On the Kinetics of Phase Separation - Trapping of Molecules in Non-EquilibriumPhases."

Macromolecules 1990, 23, 590-596.

preprint number: 112

R. Horst and B. A. Wolf

"Space Filling and Flow Behavior"

Journal of Physical Chemistry 1990, 94, 6904-6907.

preprint number: 113

H. Geerissen, P. Schützeichel and B. A. Wolf

"Large Scale Fractionation of Polyethylene by means of the CPF"

Makromolekulare Chemie 1990, 191, 659-670.

preprint number: 114

H. Geerissen, P. Schützeichel and B. A. Wolf

"Second Virial Coefficients Revisited, 5 Generalization of the Concept of Intramolecular Contributions to Low Molecular Weight Polymers"

Macromolecules 1991, 24, 304-310

preprint number: 115

H. Geerissen, F. W. B. A. Gernandt and H. Lentz

"Pressure Dependence of Viscometric Relaxation Times Measured with a new Apparatus - WLF Behavior of Moderately Concentrated Solutions of Poly(n-butyl methacrylate)s in 2-Propanol"

Makromolekulare Chemie 1991, 192, 165-176.

preprint number: 116

R. Horst and B. A. Wolf

"Calculation of Shear Influences on the Phase Separation Behavior of Polymer Solutions in the Region of their Lower Critical Solution Temperature - Creation of Closed Miscibility Gaps"

Macromolecules 1991, 24, 2236-2239.

preprint number: 117

W. Brostow and B. A. Wolf

"Chain overlap and intersegmental interactions in polymer solutions"

Polymer Communication 1991, 23, 551-554.

preprint number: 118

B. A. Wolf

"Phase Separation of Flowing Polymer Solutions" In Rheological Modelling: Thermodynamical and Statistical Approaches, Eds. Casas-Vázquez and D. Jou

Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1991, pp. 194-214.

preprint number: 119

R. Horst and B. A. Wolf

"Thermodynamics of Flowing Polymer Solutions"

Preprints of the ACS-Meeting, Atlanta,USA, April 1991 1991, 32, 511.

preprint number: 120

K. Weinmann, L. Tschersich and B. A. Wolf

"Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur technischen Fraktionierung von Polymeren"

Deutschland C2, DE4104573.4, 28 January, 1993.

preprint number: 121

T. Schneider, B. A. Wolf, H. Kasten and F. Kremer

"Thermoreversible Gelation and Vitrification of Highly Concentrated Solutions under Poor Thermodynamic Conditions"

Macromolecules 1991, 24, 5387-5392.

preprint number: 122

K. Weinmann, B. A. Wolf, M. T. Rätzsch and L. Tschersich

"Theory-based Improvements of the CPF (Continuous Polymer Fractionation), demonstrated for Poly(carbonate)"

Journal of Applied Polymer Science 1992, 45, 1265-1279.

preprint number: 123

T. Schneider and B. A. Wolf

"Thermoreversible Gelation and Vitrification of Concentrated Polymer Solutions under poor Thermodynamic Conditions"

Preprints of the ACS-Meeting New York, USA August 1991 1991.

preprint number: 124

M. Heinrich and B. A. Wolf

"Interfacial Tension of Solutions of Polystyrenes: Establishment of a useful Master Curve"

Polymer 1992, 33, 1926-1931.

preprint number: 125

E. C. Muniz, P. A. M. Vaquez, R. E. Bruns, P. S. Nunes and B. A. Wolf

"Polymer-polymer miscibility evaluation by acoustic emission"

Makromolekulare Chemie,Rapid Communications 1992, 13, 45-53.

preprint number: 126


M. Heinrich and B. A. Wolf

"Interfacial Tension between Demixed Solutions of Molecularly non-uniform Polymers"

Macromolecules 1992, 25, 3817-3819.

preprint number: 127

M. T. Rätzsch, H. Kehlen, L. Tschersich and B. A. Wolf

"Application of continuous thermodynamics to polymer fractionation"

Pure and Applied Chemistry 1991, 63, 1511-1518.

preprint number: 128

R. Horst and B. A. Wolf

"Calculation of the Phase Separation Behavior of Sheared Polymer Blends"

Macromolecules 1992, 25, 5291-5296.

preprint number: 129

B. A. Wolf

"CPF: Continuous Polymer Fractionation"

Makromolekulare Chemie,Macromolecular Symposia 1992, 61, 244-247.

preprint number: 130

M. Wagner and B. A. Wolf

"Effect of block copolymers on the interfacial tension between two 'immiscible' homopolymers"

Polymer 1993, 34, 1460-1465.

preprint number: 131

R. Horst, R. Mertsch and B. A. Wolf

"Pressure and solvent influences on the shear thinning behavior of moderately concentrated solutions of poly(butyl methacrylate"

Makromolekulare Chemie 1993, 194, 1387-1395

preprint number: 132

B. A. Wolf

"Intra-molecular Interaction of Chain Molecules: Second Osmotic Virial Coefficients and Intrinsic Viscosities"

Makromolekulare Chemie 1993, 194, 1491-1504.

preprint number: 133

B. A. Wolf

"Continous Polymer Fractionation" In Encyclopedia of Advanced Materials, Eds. D. Bloor, R. J. Brook, M. C. Flemings and S. Mahajan

Pergamon Press, Oxford, New York, Seoul, Tokyo, 1994, pp. 881-885.

preprint number: 134

B. Hoecker, H.-M. Petri, K. Weinmann and B. A. Wolf

"CPF: A new Method for Large-Scale Fractionation of Polymers"

Solvent Extraction in the Process Industries, Proceedings of ISEC'93 1993, pp. 1109-1115.

preprint number: 135

R. Horst and B. A. Wolf

"Refined Calculation of the Phase Separation Behavior of Sheared Polymer Blends: Closed Miscibility Gaps within two Ranges of Shear Rates"

Macromolecules 1993, 26, 5676-5680.

preprint number: 137

M. Heinrich and B. A. Wolf

"Establishment of Phase Equilibria: Temperature Jump Experiments in a Spinning Drop Apparatus"

Macromolecules 1993, 26, 6106-6110.

preprint number: 139

H.-M. Petri and B. A. Wolf

"Concentration Dependent Themodynamic Interaction Parameters for Polymer solutions: Quick and Reliable Determination via Normal Gas Chromatography"

Macromolecules 1994, 27, 2714-2718.

preprint number: 140


M. Wagner and B. A. Wolf

"Interfacial Tension between Poly(isobutene) and Poly(dimethyl siloxane): Influence of Chain Length, Temperature and Solvents"

Macromolecules 1993, 26, 6498-6502.

preprint number: 141

E. C. Muniz, P. S. Nunes and B. A. Wolf

"Shear influence on the phase separation of oligomer blends"

Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 1994, 195, 1257-1271.

preprint number: 142


H. Geerissen, P. Schützeichel and B. A. Wolf

"Capillary Viscometer Operating at High Temperatures"

Vysokomol. Soedin., 1993, 35, 579-581.

preprint number: 143

D. F. Siquera, S. P. Nunes and B. A. Wolf

"Solutions Properties of a Diblock Copolymer in a Selective Solvent of Marginal Quality 1: Phase Diagram and Rheological Behavior"

Macromolecules 1994, 27.

preprint number: 144

R. Horst and B. A. Wolf

"Calculation of Shear Influences on the Phase Separation of Polymer Blends exhibiting Upper Critical Solution Temperatures"

Rheologica Acta 1994, 33, 99-107.

preprint number: 145

D. F. Siquera, P. S. Nunes and B. A. Wolf

"Solution Properties of a Diblock Copolymer in a Selective Solvent of Marginal Quality 2: Characterization of Micelles and Surface Tension"

Macromolecules 1994, 27, 4561-4565.

preprint number: 146

R. Mertsch and B. A. Wolf

"On the Significance of Molecular Surfaces and Thermodynamic Interactions for the Excess Viscosities of Liquid Mixtures"

Berichte Der Bunsen-Gesellschaft Für Physikalische Chemie 1994, 98, 1275-1280.

preprint number: 147

R. Mertsch and B. A. Wolf

"Viscosity and Mixing Behavior of the System Ethylene/Polyisobutylene"

Journal of Supercritical Fluids 1994, 7, 165-169

preprint number: 148.

T. Schneider, B. A. Wolf and M. Gahleitner

"Solidification behavior of the theta system 2-propanol/poly(n-butyl methacrylate)I. Influences of thermoreversible gelation on stationary flow"

Rheologica Acta 1994, 33, 159-164.

preprint number: 149

R. Mertsch and B. A. Wolf

"Solutions of Poly(dimethyl siloxane) in Supercritical CO2: Viscometric and Volumetric Behavior"

Macromolecules 1994, 27, 3289-3294.

preprint number: 150

B. A. Wolf

"CPF: An Effective Method for the Large-Scale Fractionation of Polymers"

Advanced Materials 1994, 6, 701-704.

preprint number: 151


S. Enders, A. Huber and B. A. Wolf

"Interfacial tension and interaction parameters"

Polymer 1994, 35, 5743-5747.

preprint number: 152

R. Horst and B. A. Wolf

"Miscibility Behavior for Polymer Blends in Flow - Calculations and Comparison with Experiments"

Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering 1994, 71, 113-114.

preprint number: 153

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